YouTube Originals will have a free version with ads

If you’re not willing to spend $ 11.99 a month for the Premium package to enjoy original content on YouTube Orginals, users can wait for the free version to appear in the future.

According to Neowin , during the annual Brandcast event for advertisers, YouTube Business Manager Robert Kyncl reiterated the company’s plan to adjust the payment program for original content on YouTube Orginals . Specifically, it will include free packages for consumers, but of course will come with ads.
The Google-owned company confirmed the plan at the end of last year, and the free Orginals service is expected to be released by the end of 2020. However, it should be noted that the paid plan will remain for those Who wants to watch videos without interruption by advertising.
In addition, not all original content will be free from the beginning. Transferring its original content into an ad-supported window will take a long time to complete, so it will take a long time until everything becomes free to see for all. people.
It is known that one of the original content to be released for free is Cobra Kai, part of the movie Karate Kid . Expected original content is free with ads will be released from 29.8 to 11.9 this year.
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