Without the United States, Huawei still grew significantly, making Apple respect

Not coming to the US market but Huawei’s smartphones have the highest global sales in the first quarter.

Accordingly, Chinese companies sold 59.1 million phones in the first quarter of 2019, mainly due to sales in China, a 50% jump compared to the same quarter last year. This number is taken by both Counterpoint Research and International Data Corporation (IDC).

But more importantly, Samsung and Apple, in positions 1 and 3 respectively, all reduced sales. Apple was hit hard by IDC’s view that the company sold less than 15.8 million iPhones compared to the same period last year, while Counterpoint’s figure caused an annual decline of 12.2 million. (IDC said 36.4 million iPhones were sold in the first quarter, while Counterpoint was 42 million).

As for Samsung, the company just released the Galaxy S10 series, selling 72 million smartphones in the first quarter of 2019, lower than 78.2 million units sold in the 1/2018.

While these numbers are especially bad for Apple, Cupertino-based companies still dominate when it comes to profits. Counterpoint analyst Neil Shah said: “Huawei’s share of the total smartphone market is about 6-7%, while Apple is within 70%.” That’s because all Apple phones are sold at high prices, while both Samsung and Huawei mainly sell mid-range phones with lower profits, Shah said.

Even so, Huawei is making some impressive numbers, because unlike Apple and Samsung, Huawei has no presence in the US. The company had agreements with US carriers in 2018, but the pressure from the government has made Huawei’s appearance in the United States untrue.

In addition to selling phones, Huawei is also successful in telecommunications equipment. What is frightening under the US government’s accusation is that Huawei could create security holes (or backdoors) into its telecommunications equipment, then allow the Chinese government to take advantage of spies or destructive. The challenge led to Huawei suing the US government and tensions between the US and Britain. It is known that the UK has allowed Huawei to build some 5G infrastructure in the country.

Huawei’s most recent flagship phones, the P30 Pro and P30, all received high marks from CNET. Both phones have special cameras and attractive designs, but no phones are officially available in the US.

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