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TT Trump: I’m ‘young and strong’ at the age of 72

US President Donald Trump said he felt “young” and “strong” at the age of 72 and said he could easily defeat former vice-president Joe Biden, 76.

A reporter asked Mr. Trump at the White House on April 26 that at any age it is too old to become US president , according to AP .

Mr. Trump replied: “I feel like a young person. I’m too young. I can not believe that. I am young and strong.

After the answer, the White House boss grinned and added that he was not sure the Democratic presidential candidate had declared Joe Biden, who was only one year younger than the race’s oldest candidate. Mr. Bernie Sanders (77 years old).

“I looked at Joe. I don’t know about him, ”President Trump said. However, he stressed that he would never say someone is too old to be president. “I know they all make me look very young in terms of age and energy.”

President Donald Trump talked to the press when he left the White House on April 26 to set off for Indianapolis. Photo: AP .

Mr. Trump currently holds the record for the oldest person to assume the US presidency. He was 70 years old 229 days at the time of his inauguration in 2017.

Meanwhile, if he wins the election in the White House race next year, Mr. Biden will be 78 years old 61 days at the time of his inauguration in 2021. That will break Ronald Reagan’s record for the oldest president on any any milestone in a presidential term. When he left office, Mr. Reagan was 77 and 349 days old.

Mr. Trump considered Mr. Biden, who had served as vice president under President Barack Obama for eight years and had 36 years as US Senator, the biggest threat to re-election opportunities. According to Politico , President Trump asked many of his aides about the power of Biden as a candidate to run for president.

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