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The US announced to follow closely the latest Korean launch

The US is conducting close consultations with Japan and South Korea after North Korea launched two objects from the Sondok area, South Hamgyong province into the Sea of ​​Japan.


On August 24, a senior US official said the country was aware of the latest Korean launch and was monitoring the situation. Washington is also conducting close consultations with Tokyo and Seoul on this issue.

Meanwhile, Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya Japan said the latest launch by North Korea violated the resolutions of the United Nations and stressed this action can not be ignored.

Mr. Iwaya also confirmed that the missiles had fallen outside Japan’s exclusive economic zone, and did not pose a threat to the country’s security.

Earlier, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) said North Korea launched two objects that seemed to be short-range ballistic missiles from the Sondok area, South Hamgyong province, to the Japanese sea at 4 45 hours and 5 hours Vietnamese time.

According to JSC, these missiles fly about 380 km and reach a height of 97 km. Japanese coast guard forces warned boats to avoid debris on the sea.

This is the seventh launch since July 25 last and is the first since the US-Korean exercise ended.

Recently, North Korea has repeatedly criticized the US-Korea joint exercises , the Korean import of high-tech weapons such as F-35 aircraft and the US test of mid-range cruise missiles, considered These are threats and hinder dialogue efforts


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