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The House of Representatives President of the US Justice Minister lied about the Mueller report

Democratic leaders accused Justice Minister William Barr of lying to the parliament and threatened to proceed with his arrest.

According to Reuters , US House of Representatives President Nancy Pelosi on 2 May accused Justice Minister William Barr of failing to fulfill the responsibility for reporting the results of a Russian investigation of the US election in 2016 by the public investigation team. Special agent Robert Mueller made.

Mrs. Pelosi said Mr. Barr was “disrespectful”, “not serious” and “dishonest” when responding to the US Congress on the results of the investigation.

“It is criminal behavior,” Mrs. Pelosi said, but did not clarify any actions of Mr. Barr that she deemed guilty.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Photo: AFP .

Talking about President Trump, the leader of the Democrats in the House of Representatives affirmed that the White House asked employees to ignore the summons of parliament as an act of obstructing justice and could be impeached.

Meanwhile, US House of Justice Judge Jerrold Nadler said that preparing to start the judicial process could lead to the imprisonment of Secretary of the Barr after the Justice Department head did not appear in the hearing. Mr. Mueller’s report ceiling results.

Nadler had previously set a deadline for May 1 for Minister Barr to hand over all 400-page declassified reports and related evidence to parliament.

“We will try to be willing again to negotiate and reach the report we need, and if it doesn’t, the minister will be accused of disobeying orders,” Nadler said.

Speaking by Mrs. Pelosi and Nadler, the Democrats, who control the House of Representatives, are preparing to escalate their confrontation with President Trump in a range of issues ranging from tax payments to business operations. Mr. Trump.

US Justice Minister William Barr. Photo: AFP .

Mueller’s 400-page report was published on April 18 by the US Department of Justice, according to which the investigation team did not find evidence that Mr Trump’s presidential campaign was colluding with the Russians.

The report did not accuse Mr. Trump of obstructing justice by attempting to intervene in an investigation of Russian intervention but said the president’s failed attempts to influence the investigation “are largely because people around the president refuse to execute orders or agree upon his request “.

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