The head graft will soon proceed when successful in dogs and mice

Researchers have successfully implemented several head transplants on small animals such as dogs and mice. They claimed to be ready to conduct a head transplant test in humans.
According to Daily Mail, Dr. Sergio Canavero (Italy) and Dr. Xiaoping Ren (China) have successfully tested some “completely broken” spinal injury treatments in monkeys and dogs.

According to reports published in the journal US journal Surgical Neurology International, animals were able to walk normally after joint surgery.

Describing their findings as “unprecedented”, the two doctors said this showed they were ready to conduct human trials.

Dr. Sergio Canavero, based in Turin, said his studies completely dismiss the notion that “a severed spinal cord cannot be repaired in any way.”

Their recent animal studies were conducted at Harbin Medical University (China). In 2018, they had a candidate, Valery Spiridonov, 33, a Russian computer science student, suffering from Werdnig-Hoffman disease, a form of spinal muscular atrophy, which could be fatal. But then, Valery stopped experimenting because he wanted to spend time with his family when his wife gave birth.

Two doctors, Sergio Canavero (Italy) and Dr. Xiaoping Ren (China), confirmed that a head graft surgery would be carried out soon. Photo: Scmp.

That does not mean that the aspirations of scientists are hampered. Dr. He Jiankui, a Chinese geneticist, revealed that he edited the female twins’ genes even though the world science world thinks its technology and purpose are too dangerous to use for children. people.

According to the South China Morning Post, in an email exchange from Harbin, Ren said these findings are evidence that human trials should be done. Mr. Ren also affirmed his willingness to do it anywhere in the world.

While researchers have experimented with multiple transplantation surgeries and have had some success in small animals such as mice and dogs, this is still a matter of profound ethical and mental questions. physiology and surgery.

Two years ago, Mr. Canavero announced he would soon start the world’s first human head graft surgery in China because medical communities in the US and Europe would not allow him to do so. From cosmic exploration to climate change science, China shows that it intends to lead, not follow any country in science and technology for decades to come.

Mr. Canavero estimated that head graft surgery would cost about $ 100 million, requiring the participation of dozens of surgeons and specialists. He said that the first donor would be a brain-dead patient with a healthy body to transplant a head without a disease to the recipient.

The researcher said he would simultaneously cut the spinal cord of a donor and recipient with a diamond blade. To protect the recipient’s brain from dying immediately before it is attached to the body, it will be cooled to a deep hypothermia state.

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