The features are expected in iOS 13

IOS 13 operating system will be introduced by Apple at WWDC conference 2019 opening on 3/6. IPhone and iPad users expect many new features to appear in this version.

1. Dark background mode

Dark background has been waiting for users since iOS 12 but is disappointed. Fortunately, rumors suggest that in 2019, Apple will put the dark background on iOS 13.

2. Siri better

Siri is being upgraded every day but still considered to be inferior to other competitors in the virtual assistant market. Siri has trouble even with basic tasks.

3. Searchable Emoji

Apple is famous for “borrowing” the popular feature from other iOS apps. Hopefully iOS 13 equipped with searchable emoji keyboard, similar to Google’s Gboard.

4. Support iPhone 6

Rumors suggest Apple will abandon iPhone 6 for iOS 13. If this is true, iPhone 6 users will suffer the most.

5. Night mode

Google claims you can take beautiful pictures with software alone. Therefore, this is when Apple must strengthen. Hopefully “apple flaw” will introduce night mode for iPhone users in iOS 13.

6. Camera settings

For a long time, photographers expected Apple to open the iPhone installation feature manually but failed.

7. Support multiple accounts on iPad

If your family shares an iPad, this will be the most anticipated feature. Apple introduced this feature in school but not for everyone.

8. Mouse support for iPad Pro

iPad Pro is Apple’s strongest iPad. It will become more powerful if supported with external mouse as well as other accessories.

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