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Sweet 71-Year-Old Aunty Rescues Stray Dogs From Getting Eaten By Humans

She might be 71 years old, but Nguyen Thi Kim Quy is on a mission to rescue as many stray dogs she can from getting eaten in Vietnam.

The former hairdresser can often be seen riding around the streets of Hanoi on her motorbike tuk-tuk together with her 13 multi-colored rescue dogs.

Nguyen Thi Kim Quy is our hero! IMAGE: Barron’s.

Quy said she can’t bear the thought of stray dogs being slaughtered for their meat. In Vietnam, dog meat is considered a delicacy. It’s so popular that over five million dogs are believed to be consumed yearly.

“It would be disastrous if they would be sent to the slaughterhouse. I really couldn’t bear it,” Quy told AFP, adding that to her, eating dog or cat meat is a crime.

She is glad that the culture is changing gradually as more Hanoi residents become friendlier to their pets.

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