Sony cooperates strategically with Microsoft in the online game segment

On May 17, Sony Corporation of Japan said that the group will establish a strategic partnership with Microsoft Corporation of the United States in the field of video games based on cloud computing and location.

On May 17, Sony Corporation of Japan said the group would establish a strategic partnership with Microsoft Corp. of America in the field of video games on cloud computing and artificial intelligence. (WHO).

According to a memorandum that Sony has just signed with Microsoft, the two parties will cooperate to develop cloud solutions ( cloud solution ) based on Microsoft’s Azure artificial intelligence technology to support game services. electronic and online content transmission of these corporations.

Besides, the two sides are studying the possibility of combining Sony’s image sensors with Azure of Microsoft.

Mr. Kenichiro Yoshida, President and CEO of Sony, affirmed that Sony and Microsoftcooperated to develop future cloud solutions that will make an important contribution to promoting interactive content.

Meanwhile, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that the partnership between the two sides will help Sony take advantage of Microsoft’s Azure cloud service and Azure artificial intelligence to bring game experiences. and new entertainment to customers.

Analysts say the partnership between Sony and Microsoft is to deal with Google, a new rival of Sony and Microsoft in the field of online games . Recently, Google launched an online game service on the Stadia cloud platform.

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