Social network: Charm and sinner

On the other side of the earth, an average of KB per month, a cadre in Vietnam’s “cadre” community also earns an average of VND 450 million a month. It can be seen that the form of earning money from social networks is now quite diverse but also many uncertainties.

Live like Kylie

Early self-made and self-made in social networks, Kylie primarily sells cosmetics online, based on huge followers (up to 128 million on Instagram and 26.7 million on Twitter). After breathing into a young billionaire, Kylie, said “It’s the power of social media” and “I had that coverage before I started doing anything”.

Founded in 2015, Kylie’s cosmetics company achieved a turnover of 360 million USD in 2018, an increase of 9% compared to 2017. The collection of cosmetics that Kylie launched for the shopping season at the end of 2016 even achieved revenue 19 million USD in just 1 day. She is quite quick to create her own cosmetics company and thanks to her reputation to sell products.

Currently Kylie Jenner has become the youngest self-made billionaire in the world at 21, with a net worth of personal assets of more than $ 1 billion thanks to the cosmetics business via social networking.

Looking back at the Asian market, influential people (KOLs) in China have created an industry of 58 billion yuan (approximately $ 8.6 billion). Many KOLs in China are creating a new consumer trend for consumers.

For example, Becky Li, is one of the top Chinese fashion bloggers with over 7.5 million total followers on WeChat and Weibo. She used her influence to sell 100 cars to a carmaker in just five minutes. Thanks to the activities on social networks, KOLs have a royal life with terrible income.

KB: “Bad” kids are tolerated by YouTube

Back to the story of social networking in Vietnam, quite a lot of characters are living royally from social networks. KB used to be an example. Unsatisfied with the walking scooter, KB was ready to knock it out and burn it like a trophy.

When this clip was posted on YouTube, it was well known because B is hosting a YouTube account with 1.99 million unique visitors.

It is worth mentioning that KB is making huge sums of money from the “unhealthy” clips that have been posted on social networks even though they are only 26 years old. B shared that every month B receives over VND 450 million from YouTube.  

However, the videos on KB channel have objectionable content such as swearing, punching, flying … Even, in addition to income from YouTube, Pretty Banh also receives advertisements for gambling websites such as L * ** 88, F *** 88 and many electronic games by creating content calling for gambling on their own channels.

According to statistics from SocialBlade, the YouTube channel of KB ranked 57 largest channels in Vietnam with 61 million views per month.

In the face of many reactions of public opinion as well as the objectionable content has been posted more and more and attracted a large number of viewers who are adolescent young people, on the 1st 1.4, all 410 videos on KB’s YouTube channel Money has been turned off. Users cannot view any ads on KB channel. However, many KB videos are still displayed on the prevailing card and in the YouTube suggestion.

On YouTube, there are many other channels with content similar to KB that attract many viewers. Being able to recognize a characteristic in these places, the more people like it, the more people comment, share, even more people hate, criticize … also bring more and more views.

For example, in just one month, the number of people watching KB channel videos increased by more than 9%, the number of subscribers increased by more than 17%.

The rapid development of social networks with many difficult to control content is a double-edged sword. Outside KB, it’s the story of the monster Momo. The game of the monster named Momo has caused many children to commit suicide and confuse public opinion.

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