Samsung to exchange Huawei phones

Silently during the time when Huawei was blacklisted by the US government, Samsung suddenly launched Huawei’s phone exchange program for Galaxy S10.

“Her needle ring” is tightening on all of Huawei’s efforts since the sanctions were made by the administration of President Donald Trump. Huawei lost its position and business declined, many partners and markets around the world turned their backs.

Samsung benefited when Huawei was controlled by “her metal ring”.

In some markets in Asia, particularly  Singapore, the price of Huawei phones is falling dramatically when being forced to sell by traders.

At many shops in Singapore, the price of used Huawei P30 Pro in this country is only $ 100 (about 2.3 million), while the new ones still cost $ 1,398 (about 32.6 million).

The P20 Pro smartphone, though just over 1 year old, is even more tragic when the purchase price is  only about £ 50,  equivalent to VND 1.4 million.

Realizing the difficulties of Huawei, Samsung suddenly launched a program that allows users to change phones Huawei to get new Galaxy S10 in Singapore market.

The list of Huawei devices allowed to convert to Samsung’s Galaxy S10 line has most of the most popular product lines that Chinese technology company has launched.

The first is the Huawei Mate 20 Pro line, Samsung exchanged for the price of 5755 SGD (nearly 13 million VND). The Huawei Mate 20 line is 545 SGD (VND 9.2 million). Huawei P20 Pro is 560 SGD (VND 9.5 million), Huawei P20 is 440 SGD (VND 7.5 million) and finally Huawei Nova 3i with 300 SGD (about VND 5.1 million).

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