Samsung officially launched the Galaxy S10 product set in 70 markets

On March 8, Samsung officially launched the latest Galaxy S10 high-end smartphone product in 70 markets and is ready to expand to 50 other markets later this month.

Samsung Galaxy S10 phone model. (Source: Engadget)

On March 8, Samsung officially opened the Galaxy S10 latest high-end smartphones in 70 markets, including Vietnam and ready to expand to 50 other markets later this month.

The Korean tech giant has launched the Galaxy S10 , S10 + with a larger screen and S10e, a low-priced model, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of this product line.

The company will open the pre-order S10 5G version on March 22, but the official launch schedule has not been confirmed.

Galaxy S10 has many improvements compared to Galaxy S9 with the front camera placed in the round hole on the main screen to bring a wider viewing experience and the world’s first ultrasound fingerprint reader right on the screen.

The S10 + provides a total storage capacity of up to 1 terabyte and has a total of up to five cameras to enhance the mobile shooting and video shooting experience.

Because the S10 incorporates a reverse wireless charging system, this smartphone can be used to charge Galaxy Buds wireless headsets, by placing the headset on the back of the phone.

About 180,000 Galaxy S10s were registered by Korean users – the first place to sell, on the first day of opening reservations, March 4.

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