Samsung has a solution with Galaxy Fold, appointing soon to hand users

After being delayed at the end of April, Samsung seems to have overcome the problem with Galaxy Fold to be ready to launch this smartphone in June.

Samsung has successfully overcome the problem with Galaxy Fold? PHOTO: AFP
According to PhoneArena , Galaxy Fold is one of the most anticipated devices this year, despite having a price of $ 2,000. It is considered the first commercial smartphone to have a folding screen, at least in most Western markets. However, when it was time to release, the reviewers soon found that the screen of the device was easily broken due to numerous reasons, and Samsung was forced to postpone the launch of the phone indefinitely.
But now a new report shows that there are signs of a real phone launch, with sources claiming that Samsung is testing the device with a number of operators in South Korea, and the release. will be scheduled for next month in this country.
Maybe many people will be a little surprised to see the company ready to release the product so soon, because parts of the design must be changed. However, it seems that Samsung has come up with two solutions for reliability issues in the original device.
First, the protective film that people have tried to remove now will have obscured edges out of sight to help users who do not want to peel it off. In addition, the distance formed around the hinges, will also reduce dust and potentially break the screen, so the internal parts are more protected.
After the failure of the initial release, Samsung may be wary of this second attempt. Hopefully, these solutions will be enough to improve the Galaxy Fold ‘s durability and regain some of the beliefs that have been lost before.
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