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Russians think of how to turn the Moon’s land into … ‘concrete’

Russian scientists are studying to develop technology to sinter the Moon’s land into a hard surface, at the future Moon base, to remove dust from astronauts at the feet.  

Mr. Evgeny Slyuta, Head of the Moon Chemistry Laboratory and Planets of the Institute of Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry (Russian Academy of Sciences) said: “To build the Moon infrastructure in the future, We are developing a way to allow sintering the surface of the Moon to form a solid coating “.

To sinter the surface soil, scientists are studying the possibility of using integrated solar energy, laser irradiation and microwave radiation.

“This research is in its early stages. But the solution of the problem will allow protection of infrastructure objects from the effects of moon dust, “Slyuta said.

The expert explained that the Moon’s surface layer (regolith) has a very high adhesion to the cosmic armor and scientific equipment.

“This is due to the shape of the particles, because unlike the Earth sand, this regolith layer is not swept away by the wind and water, in addition to sharp corners. That adhesion is also due to static characteristics. “The electricity of the regoliths. During the period of the Sun’s light, the dirt is charged and floats on the surface. It is very small, about a few dozen microns in size so it cannot be seen clearly,” the scientist added. .

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