Quickly delete your Google search history

Google collects a lot of user data, including search history. However, you can view and delete your search data easily.

You can access your Google Account in the Settings section of your Android phone or the iOS web, click Manage your data & personalization, and then My Activity to view your search results. Then, you need to hit the three dot menu and select Delete to remove something. Searching the search history on the desktop is also very cumbersome.
Deleting your Google search history is now simpler as you can see your browsing history whenever you search for something. When searching for phrases in Chrome, you can manage your entire search history without leaving your browser or interrupting what you’re doing.
On your phone, sign in to your Google account in Chrome. Once you start your search, tap on the menu to the left of the Google icon, select Your data in Search, scroll down to Your recent activity, and click on All Search activity.

For Chrome on desktop, all you need to do is click on the Control your data link in Google Search link under the Google Search and I’m Feeling Lucky buttons on the Google homepage. Alternatively, you can click on Settings and select Your data in Search from the search results page.
Following these steps will take you to the full Search Activity page for your account, where you can view all your recent activity, delete individual results or entire history through the three dot menu. next to each search term.
On the top of your data in Search page, Google has added handy buttons that allow you to clear your search activity in the last hour or entire search history if you just want to start over.

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