Price and time to launch Samsung Galaxy S10 blockbuster

Samsung is also launching new versions of its high-end smartphone, the Galaxy S, at the Mobile World Congress (MWC), which takes place annually at the end of February.

However, the upcoming Galaxy S10 will likely be launched by Samsung sooner.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will not be available at MWC (February 25-28, 2019) as the previous versions of the Galaxy S, but instead of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Samsung will hold a separate event on February 20, meaning five days before the official launch of MWC, after which Samsung will bring its products to the event.

The Galaxy S10 will be released in February next year?

The source said that Samsung will launch three variants of the Galaxy S10, including the Galaxy S10 and S10 +, all featuring curved displays, including the Galaxy S10 with 6.1- inch with optional 128GB or 512GB memory; while the Galaxy S10 + has a 6.4-inch screen with 128GB, 512GB, and 1TB versions.

In addition to the two versions above, Samsung will release more Galaxy S10 Lite version with lower configuration and price. It will have a 5.8-inch screen, but it’s flat, not curvy, with 128GB of storage.

A lot of people are also interested in Gizmodo’s disclosure, which is the price of the product. According to the source, the Galaxy S10 will cost £ 799 ($ ​​1,009) and $ 999 ($ ​​1,262) for 128GB and 512GB memory options. The Galaxy S10 + will cost $ 899 (1283GB) for 128GB, $ 1,099 ($ ​​1,388) for 512GB and 1TB for $ 1,399. The Galaxy S10 Lite will be available at $ 669 (£ 665).

The source also emphasized that this is the price in the UK market and will be different in other markets. Samsung will sell its new Galaxy S10 series on March 8.

Galaxy S10 + will only have 3 cameras on the back, instead of 4

There is a controversial issue in the tech world that Samsung will be equipping three or four cameras on the back of the Galaxy S10 +, the most advanced variant of the Galaxy S10.

Recently, according to UniverseIce, a Twitter account that leaked information about upcoming technology products confirmed that the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 + are all equipped with a cluster of 3 cameras on the back, while the version Galaxy S10 Lite will only have dual camera clusters. It looks like Samsung wants to dedicate four cameras for the Galaxy Note10 version to be released late next year.

Galaxy S10 + will have 3 cameras, instead of 4 cameras on the back like previous rumors

The difference between the Galaxy S10 + and the other two versions is equipped with dual camera clusters on the front, while the Galaxy S10 and S10 Lite only have a selfie camera in front. All three products have a “perforated” design with the camera placed just inside the screen, instead of being placed on the bezel on the screen as before.

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10 version is similar to that of Apple last year, when it launched two high-end versions of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, and launched the iPhone XR version at a price. sell lower. However, it seems that the iPhone has not been successful with this strategy and the tech world is waiting to see if Samsung makes a difference using Apple’s strategy.

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