Opera 52 for Android adds ‘unique’ features in PDF

Opera has just announced the version of Opera 52 for Android, which gives users some new features such as support to print PDF files or save web pages as PDF.

New features on Opera 52 for Android bring convenience to users PHOTO: OPERA
According to Neowin , in addition to the above features, the Gallery card has also been provided with a new interface, and now users can adjust the video playback settings automatically, providing a less annoying browsing experience.
Overall, the most noticeable feature in Opera 52 on Android involves PDF files that the browser provides to users. Whenever users want to print or save tickets for flights, train tickets or just want to save receipts, Opera now allows them to save the page as PDF or print it out. The option to save the page as PDF can be accessed via the three-dot menu, while the print option can be found in the sharing function.
Opera representative said that adding new features to Opera on Android stems from the great support of consumers with Opera 51 for this operating system thanks to the VPN feature. Adding new features will ensure this browser user base increases.
Besides the aforementioned new features, Opera 52 for Android also has a number of improvements, as well as improved error handling with more messages. Along with that, other changes made to this update include improved MP4 file playback and WebAuthn support allowing users to easily and securely confirm their login information to login now. instantly. Users can download the latest updates from Google Play Store.
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