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New York may ban smartphone users from crossing the street

A bill proposed by the New York state government earlier this month suggested a ban on pedestrians using hand-held electronic devices while crossing the street. Specifically, the bill proposes to ban texting, emailing, playing games, taking photos and using the Internet when crossing the street, except in emergencies.  

New Yorkers walk near Wall Street (Photo: Reuters)

Chairman of the US Senate Transportation Committee, Tim Kennedy, said that the bill was “beyond the reach of the Government”. “I do not support the concept in its current form,” said Kennedy, “as a man who has advocated reform for pedestrian safety for many years, I have always prioritized increasing. strengthen protection and security for all New Yorkers . But this proposal seems to be beyond the government’s level. ”

But Mr. Liu said that the introduction of the bill alone has prompted people to discuss and think about this issue. “Sometimes just proposing a bill has made people understand what they should and should not do” – Liu said.

Currently, the bill needs to be approved by the Transport Committees in both the Senate and the House of Representatives to be officially in force. In March this year, a report pointed out that the number of pedestrians killed by street accidents in the United States in 2018 reached the highest mark since 1990. The cause is partly due to people using it. More smartphones when participating in traffic.

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