Mr. Trump criticized the social networking company after Facebook’s ban

In articles on Twitter on May 3 and May 4, US President Donald Trump said he would “supervise the censorship of US citizens on social networking platforms”.

Earlier, Mr. Trump had said several times that social networking companies were biased against conservatives. These companies all voiced their rebuttal allegations, according to the AP .

Trump commented after Facebook banned Louis Farrakhan, Alex Jones and other extremist views, saying they violated Facebook’s prohibition against “dangerous individuals”. The social networking platform also removed Jones’ site and Infowars sites, often posting plot content.

President Trump voiced criticism of social platforms that favor some individuals. Photo: AP.

Facebook’s move shows that they are trying to eliminate individual and group accounts posting offensive, racist and anti-Semitic content. Facebook says “always prohibits” the activities of individuals or groups that engage in hate or violence, regardless of their political ideology.

On Twitter, Trump listed some of his personalities as being unfairly treated by social networking companies, including actor James Woods. He stressed that the situation “is getting worse for conservatives on social networks!”.

President Trump “tweeted”: “How did James Woods (and many others), with strong but responsible conservative views, be banned on Twitter? Social networks and fake pages, along with Democrat partner, not knowing that they are causing themselves trouble “. “Very unfair!”, Mr. Trump stressed, with all the letters printed in capital letters.

Twitter spokesperson Katie Rosborough said the company only enforces the rules fairly with all users, excluding any political views or groups.

Recently, the US president had a meeting with Twitter executive Jack Dorsey at the White House, after criticizing the company for treating him unfairly because Mr. Trump was a Republican. However, he later described the meeting with Mr. Dorsey as “excellent”.

Mr. Trump is famous for making policy statements, views, criticisms … on personal Twitter, instead of the official account for the US president, and spends a lot of time on this social network.

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