iPhone uses Apple’s 5G modem to make an appointment for 2025

A new report published by The Information revealed information about the iPhone with a 5G modem developed by Apple itself.

Qualcomm’s 5G license agreement for Apple will end in 2025?PHOTO: AFP
According to BGR , back in April, Apple and Qualcomm resolved their patent disputes after more than two years of litigation. As part of the deal, both companies agreed to a six-year license, when Qualcomm will provide iPhone modem chips for at least six years. Apple was forced to deal with Qualcomm due to a series of issues surrounding Intel’s ongoing efforts to produce 5G chips for upcoming iPhone models.
When the report came out, Apple’s pessimism was related to Intel’s modem performance that lasted until early 2017. Undoubtedly, Apple began to seriously doubt the possibility of Intel becoming the only 5G modem provider. . Although Intel later produced a prototype of the 5G modem , the design of the chip was very large, making it expensive to manufacture.
Meanwhile, there have been reports of Apple’s efforts to design their own 5G modem. That’s why Apple last month hired a former 5G modem engineer from Intel, Umashankar Thyagarajan.
Although there have been rumors that Apple’s 5G chip may appear in the iPhone in 2022, that seems impossible when The Information says the 5G modem development is a long process, and source. The news noted that Apple itself told engineers that it hoped to have its own modem by 2025.
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