iPhone holds the position of the “best seller” smartphone in the US

According to CIRP data, the iPhone is the most popular smartphone purchased in the US, Apple “beat” Samsung to win the largest market share in the first quarter of 2019. Since then, the company may change good sales in upcoming financial results. Apple’s main “rival” in the smartphone market is Samsung, two companies that regularly exchange top positions in smartphone sales. However, in the first 3 months of this year, Apple took the upper hand.

Galaxy S10 + and iPhone Xs Max (right).

According to data, Apple has the highest market share of all smart phone brands in terms of the number of active devices, accounting for 36% of the market share. Samsung, the nearest competitor, accounted for 34% while LG and Motorola accounted for only 11% and 10% of the market share respectively.

Market share of smartphone brands in the first quarter of the year.

As for the “Apple House”, the market share of the company has increased compared to 2018 but is still far below the first quarter of 2017 and 2016 with a market share of up to 40%.

Mr. Mike Levin, Partner and co-founder of CIRP said: “Samsung usually has the highest market share, from 30% to 39%, depending on its product launch schedule. Apple also has a similar market share. , from 29% to 40% The most notable trend is Motorola’s market share from LG and threatens to take the third place in the smartphone market. “

Market share of mobile platforms in the first quarter of the year.

CIRP data relates to the percentage of market share when activated, so this is not a direct indicator of the number of iPhones Apple has shipped. However, the high rate of growth since 2018 shows that “Disability” could be expected in the first quarter financial results.

In the most recent quarterly financial results, although the Chinese market had a negative impact on revenue, the information from analyst conference revealed that US sales actually increased by 5% compared to last year, followed a downward trend in Europe, Japan and China. In the “battle” between iOS and Android, CIRP data showed that Android accounted for 64% of the total number of device activation in the US this quarter. On the other hand, iOS devices only account for 34%.

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