iPhone could rise 10% because of Trump ‘s “attack” with China

US leaders have warned that the price of the iPhone may increase by 10% due to the new tariffs imposed on China. However he thinks that consumers will accept this.

Mr. Trump

Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, President Donald Trump said new tariffs would be imposed on all Chinese imports, including the iPhone.

This could increase the cost of an iPhone by 10%, an increase that Trump believes will not matter. “People can accept it easily,” Trump told the magazine.

The statement comes just four days before the summit between Trump and China’s leader Xi Jinping.

China’s top priority at the summit is trying to convince the United States not to raise tariffs as scheduled on Jan. 1, which will raise tariffs on China’s $ 200bn to 25%. Mr. Trump said that Beijing’s request for a postponement was “very unlikely”.

If the negotiations are unsuccessful, tariffs can be applied to many of the technology items, including Apple devices. Trump has yet to decide whether the rates for these new tariffs will be 10 or 25 percent.

This new price tag could affect many tech manufacturing companies and raise prices for iPhones and laptops imported from China.

Asked whether consumers would react more to paying for these types of products, Trump said: “Maybe. But it depends on how much it is. If it is 10%, consumers will easily accept.

Mr. Trump and Mr. Xi will meet at the G20 summit in Argentina this weekend

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