IPhone battery life far below Apple ‘slashing’ words?

The UK consumer protection and research group said Apple exaggerated the battery life on the iPhone XR.

According to user protection group “Which?”, Apple “exaggerated” the battery life on some iPhone models . The group tested battery life on 9 iPhone models, and said the number that Apple announced was 18-51% higher than it actually was.

In the iPhone models tested, the iPhone XR is the model that Apple “beats” the most about batteries. The company said it had a talk time of up to 25 hours, but the test results of Which only reached 16.5 hours, meaning the number of Apple announced 51% higher.

In the tests of Which, the iPhone XR is the most exaggerated Apple phone in terms of battery life. Photos: Mac Rumors.

After the information was announced by Business Insider , Apple said it had a “very thorough” product testing process and made sure its numbers were accurate. Apple also said that its process was clearly announced, while Which did not reveal how to evaluate it.

“We test the product very carefully and ensure the number we publish. With a close combination of hardware and software, iPhone is designed to ensure smart energy management to help maximize time. use battery.

Our testing process reflects that intelligence. Which didn’t share their process, so we couldn’t compare their results with me. We have posted our process online. “

Which said it evaluated battery life by buying a new iPhone, fully charged, then calling continuously to check battery life. The results of this group are quite interesting because the iPhone XR is still praised as an iPhone with good battery, even more than iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max .

Not only Apple, the test results of Which showed that HTC also exaggerated the battery time of its smartphones. Meanwhile, Samsung, Sony, Nokia all announced lower battery life than actual.

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