Internet and nightmare called Deepfake

News Even more dangerous and “advanced” than fake news (fake news), “super fake” technology (Deepfake) with the ability to cut faces and ruin the reputation of others in just a few buttons, is expected. Newspapers can create nightmares for the Internet in the future.  

The sudden departure of lead actor Paul Walker in the blockbuster series Fast and Furious has caused many people to grieve, regretfully when the part 7 of the series has not been closed yet. However, millions of fans of this series were completely surprised when his face still appeared in the footage of the next film to the theater.

The answer to that surprise was thanks to advanced technology, which made his original face into the stuntman in every shot taken later. Although the stuntman is Paul’s younger brother Cody Walker – with many similarities on the faces of two people to make the editing process easier, this is still a good example of strength and Potential opening for a new generation of technology.

And Deepfake technology was developed inspired by these techniques. Although it is considered to shorten the video production time, Deepfake also brings many harms, making the technology industry still struggling to find solutions.

Benefits are not good

The New York Times reported that Deepfake technology was built on the basis of Machine Learning. Using artificial intelligence (AI), the aforementioned platform scans a person’s videos and portraits, then integrates into another video and replaces face details like eyes, nose, and mouth. … so similar and natural as possible.

Technology experts say, using Deepfake technology in the field of video production will be more convenient for content producers. Instead of having to shoot videos multiple times, the photo makers only need to use a computer hard drive with a graphics card powerful enough, the image store of the person they want to change face, simple face pairing software and thick knowledge capital Informing about computing is possible to create video at will.

However, besides the strong points, from the very beginning, Deepfake also showed many left side. According to Reuters , in December 2017, this “super-fake” technology has become a popular keyword on the Internet, after the user named “Deepfakes” announced a series of porn videos, including the faces of actors. Famous members like Scarlett Johansson or Gal Gadot, on Reddit entertainment website.

After being spread at a rapid rate on the Internet, these videos have been discovered by the online community to fake, grafting Hollywood faces into pornographic actors. Although Reddit has immediately closed the sharing of the above videos, Deepfake still leaves worry and confusion for many Internet users.

If Deepfake splits the victim’s face into pornographic videos, in order to scandalize or increase his popularity on social networking sites, Deepfake videos in various fields have recently appeared. more and more on the Internet. On April 17, 2018, a video appeared on the internet showing a person similar to former US President Barack Obama using bad words to criticize the current President Donald Trump. Although the public later discovered that the video was not real, the video was spread very quickly and caused unfortunate consequences.

Most recently, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s videos with shocking statements about the Specter Exhibition have caused this biggest global MXH founder to face strong criticism from public opinion. In the above video, the alleged CEO Mark Zuckerberg states: “Thanks to Specter, I realize that anyone who controls data can control the future.” After that, the boss of Facebook proved that the video is Deepfake.

Not easy to control

In the context of rapidly developing technology, owning fake videos using Deepfake technology is quite simple. Even on the Internet recently, there was a service to make face video clips to serve bad purposes, at a price of only $ 20 a video.

In addition, Deepfake is believed to have unpredictable consequences when used in bad political purposes. In 2018, a fake video was released online, propagating the ill health of President Gabon Ali Bongo. The case is said to have “triggered” the failed military coup in the African country.

In the US, on June 13, Washington’s Democrat representative Adam Schiff warned Deepfake that it could have serious consequences in the US presidential election by 2020, when recently appeared. Fake videos intended to make bad pictures of presidential candidates. In response to the threats from Deepfake, in August 2018, researchers at the US Department of Defense’s Advanced Defense Research Agency (DARPA) released a tool to enable video identification Face transplant technology. However, in the context of growing fake techniques, technology experts must also continuously develop identification tools to deal with the latest fake tricks.

So far, social networking platforms like Facebook do not have a specific policy for Deepfake. According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, not only Facebook, but many other platforms all face challenges from Deepfake. Twitter or Reddit representatives must also recognize Deepfake as a difficult and difficult issue.

On the user side, scientists believe that, in order to limit the likelihood of identity fraud, every individual on the Internet should control the number of people who can view their own videos and images.

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