Instagram can deactivate Direct messaging application

With the amount of users not reaching their initial expectations when launching operations, Instagram is likely to terminate the Direct messaging application.

Information posted on Engadget, recent Instagram users when searching for Direct messaging application on the Play Store software store, did not receive the desired results, instead it was informed with the application content for Direct for Instagram. No longer supported in the future. However, the message content does not really give an exact time for stopping support for Direct messaging application.

Now, instead of using the Direct application to message separately like Facebook Messenger, every user message conversation will be done right on the Instagram app itself. 

In fact, not having to switch to a separate application for texting receives more positive feedback from a portion of smartphone users.

Commenting on the cause of this problem, some tech experts believe that this is the next step in Facebook implementing a plan to include all messaging services as one. Moreover, after both Instagram and Whatsapp were acquired by Facebook, the world’s largest social network has two “HOT” messaging applications more than Direct, with a huge number of users. Continuing to allow Direct to function is a redundant existence completely unnecessary, unless the application brings a large amount of users.

Reportedly, Direct messaging application was launched by Instagram in December 2016. Since then, the company has released a series of features for its application, including support for Giphy GIF and even web version for desktops. However, Direct has never become as popular as the main application, especially it has not been released to most regions. For most users of social networks today, Direct is an unknown name in the messaging community.

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