Huawei phones are ‘sold out’: From 1,150 USD to 130 USD

Some stores stopped buying Huawei devices, while the number of customers who wanted to sell increased sharply, buyers almost did not.

According to Forbes,  some smart phone retailers in the UK have reduced the price of Huawei’s high-end smartphones, while many consumers rush to sell these devices.

On one of Britain’s most popular smartphone exchange sites, a Samsung S10 +, in good condition, can be sold for $ 650. It is clear that strong discounts compared to new goods, losing about 45%. But the situation is worse for the Huawei P30 Pro , also in good condition, now only for sale for under $ 130, losing nearly 90% of the value.

A few months ago, the P30 Pro was about to come out, praised: “With great color and design options, large battery life and plenty of power, the P30 Pro isn’t just a camera phone, It is arguably the best flagship phone we will see in 2019 “.

With these strengths, the P30 Pro is priced at $ 1,150 in the UK, the same price as Samsung S10 +, with the same storage capacity. The P30 Pro was released at the end of the first quarter, the period that international data company IDC said “the market’s only highlight comes from Huawei suppliers”, despite the market decline, Huawei. will go against the trend, achieve growth at an impressive level, 50% over the previous year … “and” Huawei is at a distance almost as far as the world’s No. 1 smartphone maker of Samsung ” .

Not only P30, Huawei’s P20 phone is more “carpet”. “Just a few months ago, you could sell the P20 Pro for about $ 356. But now it costs only about $ 63,” reported the British Express . Even Samsung’s 2018 high-end phone model is still priced at $ 299.2, which is much higher than Huawei’s later new phone model.

This fact is happening on a global scale. Singapore’s Straits Timesnewspaper said: “The market for used Huawei smartphones is being dealt a fatal blow. Although many stores here (Singapore) said they will still buy old Huawei phones, but they Only offering a very low purchase price, not to mention that some stores stopped buying Huawei equipment, while the number of customers who wanted to resell increased sharply, there was almost no customer to buy. Used Huawei phones dropped very deep “.

Huawei is currently in the center of the US-China trade war. Two weeks ago, after the T rump administration ban , Google, the ARM chip manufacturer and many technology companies announced that cutting business with Huawei made this company face uncertainty in the future. vital to their products such as operating system, application store, chip, SD card and wifi technology … Along with a series of big telecom operators across Asia, Europe announced to stop cooperating with Huawei.

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