Huawei officially launched the smartphone ‘super photography’

On March 26, China’s technology group Huawei launched in France a new line of high-end smartphones, the P30 and P30 Pro duo.

On March 26, China’s technology group Huawei launched in France a new line of high-end smartphones, the P30 and P30 Pro duo.

The P30 Pro has 4 cameras , anti-shake support combined with AI artificial intelligence technology and 4 times the sensitivity of Huawei P20 Pro version.

The P30 Pro also comes with a sensor that makes images look brighter. Combined with artificial intelligence, this model can increase by 40% brightness compared to the P20 Pro generation.

The P30 and P30 Pro both have ultra-thin edges so they are smaller in size than the IphoneXR and XS Max, as well as without the diaphragm, the sound will be transmitted from the screen instead.

(Source: Droid Life)

Two new models also have fingerprint sensors in the screen, equipped with super fast charging technology, with 70% battery after 30 minutes. The P30 Pro also has wireless charging and reverse charging for other devices.

The P30 series can be used as a digital key for seven Audi models in more than 20 countries.

Expected Huawei P30 Pro is priced at 999 Euro, while the P30 version with 3 cameras is cheaper, 799 euros.

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