Huawei introduced Kirin 990 chip, ready to launch on September 6.9

Huawei has just uploaded YouTube a video confirming the name Kirin 990 and the release date of 6.9, coincides with the company’s IFA event in Berlin, Germany.

According to Android Authority, this is not the first time Huawei launched a new Kirin chip at IFA when the company previously did the same with Kirin 980 last year and Kirin 970 in 2017.
The video refers to 5G technology , which means that the new processor will definitely provide 5G support, but whether Kirin 990 can integrate a 5G modem into its design or the modem will separate from the chip like The case of Kirin 980 is still a question mark.
A 5G modem integrated into Kirin 990 could theoretically save energy better than providing a 5G modem with processor chips. In theory, a 5G integrated chip could lead to a much wider use of 5G phones because the devices equipped with that processor could support 5G. However, it is unclear whether Huawei is ready to provide an integrated solution.
Besides, recent rumors suggest that Kirin 990 will be produced based on 7nm ultraviolet (EUV) etching process , with EUI being the foundation for future chips. Recently, Neowin also reported that the Kirin 990 chip will provide 4K / 60fps video recording capability.
Huawei often quickly adopts ARM’s latest CPU and GPU technology, so Kirin 990 is likely to use Cortex-A77 CPU cores and Mali-G77 GPU. It is not certain whether an NPU (neuron neuron processor) will be improved. In fact, Kirin 810 chips have provided NPU based on Da Vinci architecture, so don’t be too surprised if the company also applies this architecture in Kirin 990 chips.
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