Huawei CEO: ‘Thank you for advertising for us.’

Theo Reuter. Huawei CEO Eric Xu said the company’s financial situation is going well, despite US efforts to persuade other countries to enforce the ban on selling Huawei products.

“The US has greatly supported advertising for Huawei,” Xu said in a recent press conference in China.

In recent developments, the US government has repeatedly warned other countries not to use Huawei devices. These efforts, combined with criminal company-related allegations, made Huawei’s name a hot topic on international newspapers.

Although Americans cannot buy Huawei phones, they can say more about this Chinese phone company than ever.

Huawei CEO also shared about the amazing growth of this company. According to him, Huawei revenue has increased by 36% in the first 2 months of 2019 and is expected to increase continuously by 15% annually to reach the figure of USD 125 billion.

Today (March 29), Huawei will hold the biggest press conference to announce the company’s detailed financial report in 2018. Based on the revelations of Eric Xu, this report will show that Huawei is on the momentum of development and outstanding success.

So far, only Australia has placed a ban on Huawei besides the US. However, the country only banned part of the equipment sold while for the US a complete ban. CEO Eric Xu said he did not expect any other country to do the same.

Huawei CEO also said he did not expect the US to withdraw the ban. ZTE also fell into the same position as Huawei last year and almost destroyed the company’s entire business. However, then President Donald Trump removed the ban at the last minute.

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