How to check signal strength 4G / LTE on Android

(PLO) – Signal Spy provides a full range of information about signal strength 4G / LTE, bandwidth, … allowing users to diagnose network problems, thereby changing the location to connect to the Internet well. than. 

Signal Spy is provided completely free on Google Play, interested readers can install the application at , compatible with Android 5.1 devices and above.

In order for the application to work correctly, you need to authorize Signal Spy to access location data. The main screen will display basic information such as connection technology (EDGE, HSPA, LTE), network band, signal strength and carrier name.

Signal Strength is the measure of stability between the device and the mobile network or WiFi. Basically, the application will display the signal strength in real time so that users can identify locations with poor signals, thereby knowing how to restrict or change.

If the signal strength is below -110dBm or lower, the phone will have difficulty accessing the Internet (note, -110dBm will be weaker than -90dBm). GCI numbers are basically identifiers for the mobile tower you are currently connected to.

In addition to Signal Spy, you can install the Network Cell Info Lite application to see more information, however, this application has a somewhat hard-to-see interface.

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