How to check if your Wi-fi is being stolen?

With the current Internet quality of the providers in Vietnam, most of the daily tasks of users such as surfing, watching movies online or even downloading files do not make the users connect together. Wi-fi felt affected.
However, if multiple users simultaneously load the file simultaneously, it will cause a slower experience for others. And if slow connections are frequent, there’s probably someone else using your Wi-fi.
To check who is using the Internet together with you, users can access the management page of Modem / router. Then select DHCP List.

This will allow users to see the history of devices accessing their Wi-Fi network without installing anything. However, this list may vary depending on the type of modem / router, or if the device has been disconnected for a long time.
Another way the user can perform is to use the Fing application. Users can install Fing from this address for iOS and Android operating systems.

Immediately after installation, Fing will conduct a full scan of the device is using the same Wifi network with the user. If we detect a strange device, the easiest way to do it is to change your Wi-Fi password now.
The limitation of Fing is that it can only scan for devices that are sharing a Wi-Fi network or plug into a Wi-Fi network. If the user’s network is designed as a general modem connecting to multiple Wi-fi transmitters, Fing can not recognize the devices being connected to another Wi-fi transmitter.

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