How do Huawei users after the Google ban?

Huawei has had a big break with the most severe legal action that the tech world has seen in recent days. The US government listed Huawei as a blacklist of companies banned from using products and services from US companies.

Google is an American company, and 200 million Huawei phones have been exported to the United States since last year, using Google’s Android operating system. Google was forced to revoke Huawei’s Android license to comply with the requirements of the US Department of Commerce.

Thus, Huawei products will no longer be able to use Android outside AOSP (Android Open Source Project). If using AOSP, Huawei does not need a license. Huawei simply uses it.

However, this is the backbone to attach things to Android. Say it is just a small plate not a meal. It is a platform, not a building. Gmail, Google Maps, Play Store, Google Assistant, Chrome, Play Music, YouTube, Fit, Drive, Docs and other Google services may be out of reach for Huawei in the future.

Headquarter of Huawei Group in Shenzhen (China).

And with Qualcomm, Broadcom and Intel also following Google to comply with the US government’s ban, Huawei could be in big trouble. But what does this mean for customers who buy normal phones?

If you own an Huawei phone or a Huawei sister with Honor, you may not receive any future versions of Android. This shocking news came just days after Huawei acknowledged an Android Q update for recent phones including Huawei P30 Pro, Mate 20 Pro and Honor View 20.

Even Huawei Mate 20 Pro is part of the Android Q Beta program. But those who spent £ 900 to own the Huawei P30 Pro phone will have to take care of this. However, Google confirms that they will not block existing security and application updates on Huawei devices.

The worst scenario for users of both Huawei and Honor phones will not be to run Google Play, or open Gmail. However, it is not clear whether Huawei and Honor users will be able to update applications like Gmail and Maps in the future. Google updates often have these applications. Maps is the latest update on May 16, 2016 and Google Docs is updated on 7-5-2019.

The seriousness of the restrictions imposed on Huawei makes the current users feel reluctant to buy both Huawei and Honor.

If it is a customer in China, it is even more miserable to use these two phones because services are banned by Google. Huawei and Honor both released a joint statement with a general idea that they were slightly calming their customers. Huawei confirms they will continue to provide security updates and after-sales services for existing Huawei and Honor smartphones and tablet products.

On May 21, 2016, Honor’s representative told the media that it would still be a priority to release a new phone, but was wondering what form of presentation would be presented due to the impact of the new law. by Google. According to Bloomberg News, Huawei has nurtured some ideas in which the company has a 3-month component stockpile and is also affected by the ban.

For example, some Huawei phones use Qualcomm processors. Huawei laptops use Intel processors. And even the HiSilicon CPU in Android’s top product is also not 100% designed and manufactured by China. These CPUs use ARM-designed components. ARM Holdings is a British company whose owner is SoftBank Banking Group (Japan).

While these were not directly affected by the US government’s ban, the extent of its influence could see Huawei as a strategic integration of China.

A report from 2016 suggested that Huawei is trying to develop an alternative to Android. Samsung has tried Bada and Tizen mobile operating systems, but today users can only find Tizen in Samsung wearable devices such as Galaxy watches. However, if Google’s ban is not resolved, the future of Android OS AOSP may appear more.

In this case, Huawei will provide its app store and software services, but continue to use Android as the root of the system, which will make Huawei phones look different, and less visual stimulation of customers.

In the UK, Huawei seems to be a friendly partner of Google as for Samsung, Sony or any other big phone manufacturer. And Huawei’s advertisements often specifically access Google’s software.

According to IDC, Huawei is the first of the two most powerful smartphone makers in the world, followed by Samsung. Google does not want Huawei to dominate. President Donald Trump also considered Huawei a security thorn, accusing the group of “spying” America.

Huawei has been blocked from providing 5G technology in the US and Australia, and it seems to be restricted as the “non-core components” in the UK. Observers believe that corporations like Huawei could not be able to grow without the “green light” or Chinese government intervention.

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