Hot 5G technology race

US President Donald Trump yesterday announced plans to accelerate the deployment of 5G mobile network in the race that he stressed Washington must win.
“The 5G technology race has begun and the US must win. US companies have to lead the world in mobile technology, “President Donald Trump told the White House. CNBC quoted the leader as saying that the US will have 92 5G customers at the end of 2019, far exceeding the number of South Korea’s 48 customers.
“It is estimated that the wireless industry plans to invest US $ 275 billion (VND 6.3 million) in the 5G network, quickly creating 3 million jobs in the US and contributing an additional US $ 500 billion to the economy. “President Trump stressed. However, the White House owner also said 5G is a priority but the US will not nationalize the industry but let private companies take the lead. “In the US, our approach is for the private sector to lead. The government does not have to spend much money. If the government manages, it will not grow well and not as fast, ”he said.
Also yesterday, US Federal Communications Commission President (FCC) Ajit Pai announced auctions of new spectrums, helped develop the 5G network, internet of things and other advanced services. At the same time, Pai said the US will invest $ 20.4 billion in the next 10 years to set up high-speed broadband networks in rural areas to serve 4 million households and small businesses, according to Reuters. .
New generation 5G mobile network is supposed to provide faster internet access speed than 4G network, reduce latency, save energy, reduce costs, bring higher system capacity and number of devices. being more connected than the previous generation of mobile networks. Unlike 4G networks, which are primarily aimed at mobile devices, tablets, and networks, 5G promises to help open new applications in areas such as self-propelled vehicles, smart urban, agricultural and medical devices. economy and transportation … US government plans are given in the context that many countries are vying to take the lead in deploying the 5G network.

In early April, Korea first deployed 5G network on a national scale, while US network operators only set up in some areas and currently only has a Verizon model of Motorola phones using 5G, according to CNBC. Meanwhile, China is rated as the current leading country in terms of availability for the 5G network. A recent study shows that China has more than 14 mobile broadcast stations per 10,000 people. In addition, Chinese operators have conducted hundreds of large-scale 5G network tests and plan to deploy 5G “commercial money” networks in 2019, according to Mason Global Telecommunications Research Analysys.

However, that advantage comes with fears that Chinese products contain security holes to help the government use it for reconnaissance purposes although Beijing strongly rejects it. In August, the US government banned federal agencies from using Huawei and ZTE products and warned allies not to use Huawei ‘s 5G network for national security reasons.
New Zealand, Japan and Australia have banned Huawei from participating in the 5G network deployment, while others have considered a similar ban. According to Reuters, the White House has recently considered giving an executive order to direct the Commerce Department to ban US companies from buying equipment from Chinese telecommunications equipment manufacturers, but faces opposition from operators. in rural areas, which are using Huawei equipment. The FCC also considered banning the use of government budgets to buy equipment from companies that threaten communications networks in the US, but President Pai said yesterday that the proposal is still being considered.
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