Google updates the new interface for Google Search

Google is credited with making some changes to the tags that this service provides for certain search results.

The update is deployed via Google Search’s server.PHONEARENA SCREENSHOT

According to PhoneArena , search results will contain tabs that can provide more information about topics that users search for. Categories from weather to sports, celebrities and even food ingredients may appear in these new tabs.
For example, the weather tab has a smaller illustration but includes a temperature chart and predicts the possibility of rain for the next day right below. Athlete cards will allow users to see the results that athletes have achieved in recent matches.
If looking for a movie to watch? Google Search will provide users with a list of movies shown in the city’s cinemas. When searching for a specific movie or TV show, users will see a new tab called People also search for the same sub-tab containing the relevant titles. Similarly, when searching for a book title, you will see a tab marked Get book to purchase it, and More by author to see other books written by the same author.
If you look up the name of a fictional character, the Google Search results tab will show more details. One of the new tabs will show the name of the actor who played the character in the movie or on television and the name of the TV show, as well as the movie that the character appears.
Updates containing these changes are being implemented for Android users via server-side updates, meaning users can get them sooner or later.
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