Google partnered with Anker to bring assistant software to the car with Roav Bolt

Google announced a new solution, cooperating with Anker manufacturer, using automated accessories. Roav Bolt put Google Assistant software into cars.

With Roav Bolt, use Google Assistant to drive safely

One way to get Google Assistant into your car is to buy a car with Android Auto, but not all users own a sum of money to buy a new car, integrated with Google Assistant.

So, Google market research, partner with Anker manufacturer, users can use Google Assistant with only the Roav Bolt accessory.

Earlier, two devices that put Google Assistant on cars were announced – JBL Link Drive and Anker Roav Bolt, but Anker’s Roav Bolt was the first popular product.

Google announcement on Blog about using virtual assistant software on cars with Roav Bolt

On April 17, electronics company Anker Innovations introduced the Roav Bolt device, a car accessory that helps users use Google Assistant in many cars.

Roav Bolt operates through iOS and Android operating systems smartphones. Users only need to access the Google application to activate Roav Bolt when using it for the first time.

Once the Roav Bolt device has been plugged in and set up Google Assistant, you just need to say “Hey Google” and the device will light up and receive your order. Roav Bolt received an internet connection from the phone, operating primarily with Android phones, but there was also a beta version for iPhone users. Users can download applications from the App Store, which will allow pairing with Roav Bolt, but the speed of interaction may be slower than Android.

Source: Angela Lang / CNET

Anker’s Roav Bolt with two USB ports fits into a small plug. It is like a tiny Google Home Mini, complete with two specially tuned microphones to eliminate echo and noise in cars.

After installation, users do not need to touch or look at the phone to play music, listen to news, check schedules, just ask Google Assistant to respond and make requests easily.

Driving a car, pressing the buttons on the phone screen or the car monitor also distracts the driver. If you need to ask for directions, Roav Bolt will automatically open Google Maps on your phone and start navigating. Unlike the original Google Maps interface, Roav Bolt will automatically change the destination if the driver requires it without having to perform the operation, which action to change.

Accessories Roav Bolt has two USB ports, so drivers don’t have to choose between charging mobile devices or using Google Assistant.

With two high-speed charging ports, noise canceling mic and Google Assistant followed, Roav Bolt is the best companion for driving.

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