Google has more than 10,000 anti-terrorism employees on YouTube

The latest Reuters report said that in the first 3 months of 2019, Google had manually reviewed more than 1 million videos suspected of terrorism on YouTube.

Google employees have manually reviewed 1 million videos on YouTube PHOTO: AFP
According to Engadget , among them, Google discovered 90,000 videos that violated its terrorist policy. That means about 9% of the 1 million videos have been deleted, suggesting Google’s work is extremely difficult.
Google has shared these numbers with the US Congress. The company also said it has more than 10,000 employees responsible for evaluating content and spending hundreds of millions of dollars on those efforts annually. Google, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft have been asked to disclose their counter-terrorism budgets, but companies are quite tight-lipped about it, so Google’s “hundreds of millions of dollars” figure is considered a word. First confession of the company on this issue.
Reportedly, the shootings in New Zealand and the online broadcast on Facebook have put pressure on social media platforms to monitor content. Since the incident, the Australian government has issued a law that requires social media companies to be responsible for the removal of violent content, and the EU is considering laws requiring the removal of terrorist content within an hour. when notice.
To meet such standards, Google may need a more accurate video flagging system.
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