Google, Facebook pay $ 455 thousand settlement allegations violations of advertising laws

Two US technology companies, Google and Facebook, have agreed to pay up to $ 455,000 to settle allegations that the companies are not maintaining valid records of those paying for advertising on the sites. , Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson said Dec. 18.

Google will pay $ 217,000 and Facebook will pay $ 238,000 to settle two lawsuits filed in June, accusing the two technology companies of failing to comply with state law on transparency in advertising. politic.

Facebook spokesman Beth Gautier said the company is ready to handle the case. Meanwhile, Google has not commented on this on 18-12. However, like Facbook, the company had previously denied liability and insisted they continue to deny that they violated the law.

In June, shortly after the lawsuits were filed, Google said it would stop taking part in political ads.

The lawsuits come after Washington State issued more regulations on whether digital advertising companies, such as Google and Facebook, are required to maintain public information about political ads such as the stations. television and other forms of communication under state law.

Commercial firms are expected to provide information as required, but the state of Washington said Facebook and Google declined to provide political ads in the 2017 local elections for the newspaper. The Stranger when this newspaper searched for information.

Ferguson said the companies did not maintain the records.

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