Google developed multi-cloud technology to catch up with Amazon and Microsoft

Striving to catch up with Amazon and Microsoft, Google moved, re-oriented the central strategy to develop cloud computing technology.

The head of Google Cloud, Mr. Thomas Kurian – Photo: GOOGLE CLOUD

The direction of cloud technology development has   become a particularly important part of Google’s new development strategy. This technology will run corporate and government computing tasks at Google’s data center.

However, Google has only focused more on recent cloud technology . Google’s market share in this technology segment is only 3%, much lower than Amazon’s 52% market share , according to technology research firm Gartner.

On April 9, Google launched Anthos software. This is software that allows users to transfer the amount of work in their computers between the cloud platform and Google’s data center, as well as with Amazon and Microsoft cloud platforms.

Google is trying to refresh itself with a focus on developing cloud technology – Photo: REUTERS

This decision to change is considered Google’s acknowledgment, that they are no longer at the heart of the electronic technology world, even though Google is still dominating the internet of consumers.

According to the  Financial Times , Google launched a “multi-cloud” strategy to collaborate with its competitors, rather than trying to compete with them.

Also on the April 9 annual meeting, Google announced a strategic partnership with two old IT (IT) equipment vendors, Cisco System and VMware.

Thomas Kurian, the head of Google Cloud, said Google is trying to drive development deep into IT.

“We also want to expand our platform so that partners can join this technology,” Kurian said.

To try to catch up with the leading cloud technology companies, Google hopes to make a profit from one of the data center’s hottest development trends. It is to develop “digital data containers” in the direction of simplifying software development and management for businesses.

This technique requires converting the software development system into packages into many small pieces that are interlinked. Many people believe that Google is on the right track and can create a breakthrough in the field of software development.

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