Galaxy Fold missed an appointment with Chinese users because of screen problems?

Samsung reversed the launch of Galaxy Fold in China because some Galaxy Fold encountered various problems, especially related to the screen.

Galaxy Fold is broken when the expert is in less than 1 day. Photo: CNN

According to reports of SamMobile and Engadget, Samsung is said to have delayed the launch date of a $ 2,000 smartphone in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

SamMobile’s source said Samsung excused the problem at the last minute venue, to have more time to re-check the first Galaxy Fold shipment.

Engaget China editor-in-chief confirmed the above information. Twitter photos

Besides, Engadget Chinese editor-in-chief also confirmed on Twitter that two events that will take place on April 23 and 24 were canceled.

The first folding smartphone from the world’s No. 1 smartphone manufacturer is expected to make a breakthrough in the entire industry. However, Galaxy Fold left a bad impression when encountering various incidents on the hands of technology experts from CNBC, The Verge and Bloomberg last week; from bulging hinges folded to dead screen.

Video recorded by CNBC PV, showing the problem with the Infinity Flex screen on Samsung Galaxy Fold . Source: Twitter

Today (April 22), tech specialist TechCrunch and YouTube Marques Brownlee have warned that users who arbitrarily peel off stickers on the Galaxy Fold screen could be the cause of the incident.

Samsung said the company’s technical team is “identifying the cause”.

Previously, CNN reported that Samsung sold out the first Galaxy Fold shipment shipped through the company’s website (but did not disclose a specific amount) and closed its US launch date on April 26.

Samsung has hinted at the “incident assessment” process that can be conducted independently. However, new technology will have potential risks and it is clear that the company does not want to repeat the mistake on Galaxy Note 7 . So CNN believes that the first Galaxy Fold batch will only be distributed in limited quantities, while continuing to fix bugs on subsequent shipments.

Of course, the decision to postpone the launch date may also have nothing to do with the fragility of the Infinity Flex screen on the Galaxy Fold. So far, Samsung has not confirmed this information and it is possible that the Galaxy Fold will still be on the shelf at the initial scheduled time. Korea’s “tech giant” doesn’t need to rush yet because Galaxy Fold’s biggest rival, Huawei Mate X, will not appear in the market until June 2019.

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