Galaxy Fold has canceled all orders, not yet scheduled to return

According to CNBC , AT&T, the Galaxy Fold distribution unit in the US, canceled all pre-orders of Samsung’s folding screen phone. At the same time, the company also offered a $ 100 coupon for customers who have reserved in advance.

Samsung has not yet responded to the cancellation of AT & T’s order and confirmed the Galaxy Fold’s new delivery date.

Earlier, Samsung planned to launch Galaxy Fold to market with the price of 1,980 USD, in the US on April 26, in Europe on 3/5. However, the incident happened to the screen of this folding screen phone.

Error screen makes Galaxy Fold can not reach customers as expected. Photo: CNBC.

Specifically, when the technology reporters of The Verge, Bloomberg and CNBC tried and evaluated this product, the Galaxy Fold was broken, the main screen was cracked, or flickered or turned off. In addition, some on-screen utilities seem to be disconnected and turned on or off permanently.

Later, Samsung automatically canceled pre-orders after confirming that they could not deliver the phone before May 31.

Up to this point, Samsung has not yet announced a new delivery date for Galaxy Fold.

This is quite unfortunate when the Galaxy Fold possesses ‘terrible’ specs like the 4.6-inch AMOLED screen and can be up to 7.3 inches when opened. The phone is equipped with Exynos 9820 chipset built on 7nm process, 12GB RAM and internal memory of 512GB. It will use Android 9 Pie operating system to bring the optimal efficiency and smooth experience.

Galaxy Fold owns 3 main cameras on the back with the ability to take portraits and landscape shots. The front camera is a dual camera cluster and has an extra camera on the secondary screen that helps selfie even when the phone is folded.

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