Founder of Huawei: ‘The backward US should attack us’

Mr. Nham said Huawei has never stole US intellectual property. He also said the company owns the technology that the US has not.

In an interview with Bloomberg on May 24, Mr. Nham Chinh Phi, the founder of Huawei Group , admitted that the export restriction order from the Trump administration caused the company to be dragged back 2 years compared to rivals like Ericsson. or Nokia in the telecommunications market.

The company said it would increase chip supply or find other ways to keep its advantage in the smartphone and 5G industries.

Nham said the company had its own solutions to limit the impact of the US ban. The world’s second-largest smartphone maker has created its own processor for years, using it on its devices.

Huawei will also introduce its own operating system platform after being suspended by Google. However, when asked about the potential of these substitutes and whether the company can thrive in the future, Huawei boss does not directly answer the problem.

Image of Mr. Nham in an interview with Bloomberg on 24/5. Photo: Bloomberg .

“It depends on how fast our workers can repair the aircraft. No matter what material they use, maybe metal, cloth or paper, the ultimate goal is to keep the aircraft in the sky, ”Nham said. From the aircraft used by Huawei leaders to refer to the company itself.

From a self-contained person, Mr. Nham gradually became more open and appeared before the media. “When the world’s leading economies compete for dominance, nothing can exist on their way. My company is just like a sesame,” said Nham in an interview earlier this month. first.

“This may cause one of China’s giants to collapse,” said Chris Lane, an analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. “On the other hand, if China closes all Apple factories, the US must face the same thing. This may be a reluctant step in the future.

According to Bloomberg , being blacklisted may have been predicted by Huawei since mid-2018, when similar sanctions threatened to submerge fellow countryman ZTE. Huawei said it has stocked enough chips and other important components to maintain its business normally for at least 3 months.

“We created really good chips. It is developed in harsh competition environment. That shows how wonderful we are, ”said Nham.

Reports suggest that China will soon come up with its own measures to retaliate against the ban against Huawei, one of which may be blocking the largest US corporations like Apple. “If that really happens, Apples may lose a third of profits next year,” analysts at Goldman Sach estimated.

“First of all, that won’t happen. Second, if that happens I will be the first to object. Apple is like my teacher. This is always the leading company, “Nham said in an interview.

Mr. Nham said Huawei has never stole US intellectual property. He also said that the company owns the technology that the US does not yet have. Photo: BBC .

For many years, Huawei was accused by the US of having a relationship with the Beijing government. At the same time, it was also accused of stealing intellectual property from many US tech giants such as Cisco Systems, Motorola or T-Mobile.

“I can only steal American technologies tomorrow. America hasn’t even got those technologies. We are ahead of the US because otherwise, Mr. Trump will not try to attack us.

Bloomberg said Huawei’s sales were higher than both the Internet giants Alibaba and Tencent combined. In 2018, Chinese companies surpassed Apple to become the world’s second largest smartphone manufacturer.

“The US has never bought products from us. Even if the US wants to buy Huawei products in the future, I may not sell them. There will not be any talks, ”said Nham.

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