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Filipino Villagers Carry a Man’s Entire House so He Can Be Closer to His Kids

In a dog-eat-dog world, the sight of people doing nice things for others — purely out of the kindness of their hearts — has become increasingly rare, which is why this video posted on the HumansBeingBros subreddit is a pretty awesome watch.

Shared by user westcoastcdn19 on February 26, 2023, the video showed how a group of villagers from an unnamed village in the Philippines literally lifted up and carried a widower’s entire house — just so he could move closer to his children.

“The grandfather didn’t have anyone to take care of him because his wife was already dead, so his children wanted him to live nearby,” the OP wrote in a follow-up post.

“However, his house was too heavy for his relatives so some of our neighbors volunteered to help. They were all tired that but the old man’s daughters cooked a meal for them. ‘It was like a fiesta’.”

The video has so far received over 63,000 upvotes and over 800 comments on the platform, with many impressed by the community spirit shown by the helpful villagers.

One commenter pointed out that this was pretty much a classic showing of the Filipino “Bayanihan” culture, which is basically the act of many coming together to get something done.

“Our school textbooks have the whole community helping out to move Nipa Huts as a prime example,” the commenter wrote. “You’ll even see it depicted in paintings. I never would’ve thought that this sort of event still happens today, as most homes here are now built with concrete, hollow blocks, and rebar.”

Another commenter concurred, saying that this sort of behavior was “the kind of thing we were taught in school at every level and saw in our own textbooks, yet this is actually the first time I’m seeing ‘Bayanihan’ on video.”

Throughout the thread, many others also gave examples of similar acts of kindness happening in their own cultures, which might just be evidence enough that there’s still plenty of kindness left in the world, even if what we see on the Internet may show otherwise.

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