Facebook confirmed the malfunction revealed millions of user photos

Facebook says a software glitch caused third-party apps to reach 6.8 million users, including unpublished images.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook – Photo: AP

According to Stuff (New Zealand), this technical problem occurred in about 12 days in September.

The continuing scandal of Facebook’s privacy concerns over the data security of users after a series of incidents related to this issue earlier this year.

Facebook generally allows third-party developers’ applications, after the user’s permission, to access the images they share on the timeline of the social network.

However, due to software malfunction, some 1,500 applications have been able to reach “larger-than-average” images, Facebook explained in a statement posted on the company’s blog.

Among these images are uploaded user images onto the Facebook platform but then removed without publishing. Normally, Facebook keeps a copy of that photo in case that user may want to finish uploading it.

Software bugs are also likely to allow developers access to normal-looking photographs they are not allowed on the Marketplace platform, where they sell consumer goods, as well as some photos. In Stories, where users can share pictures or short videos that appear in 24 hours.

Information acknowledged technical difficulties of Facebook immediately received the harsh criticism of public opinion. Marc Rotenberg, managing director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center, commented: “It’s scary that Facebook has the ability to share a user’s image with third parties when a user has not uploaded a photo yet. there”. This compares the action that made Facebook “like an email delivery unit”.

On December 15, Facebook sent a message apologizing to users, pledging early next week to deploy tools to application developers to help them identify who is using their app. can be affected due to technical errors.

Facebook also said it would work with the developers to remove photos of affected users.

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