Do you know why Microsoft named its operating system Microsoft Windows?

The first version of the Windows operating system was introduced by Microsoft in 1985 and since then the presence of this computer operating system has become bold in the lives of many people. But have you ever wondered why Microsoft has named its operating system Windows?

The real answer is simple than what you think so much. The reason Microsoft named its legendary computer operating system Windows comes from displaying content on the screen in different windows. Previously operating systems had extremely simple interfaces and interacted with the user through the command line, but only after the graphical user interface was initially developed. Xerox was one of the first technology companies to deploy this on desktops with an interactive mouse interface. But this company can not bring it to the market but only to apply within the company.

The user interface on Xerox’s computer, however, inspired the Apple interface on a Macintosh computer and was later learned by Microsoft. The Redmond area was attached to the operating system via MS-DOS commands until the 1980s. Its first graphical operating system was released in 1985 under the name Windows 1.0 – the internal codename Interface Manager. The Windows name chosen by the Microsoft operating system revolves around rectangular content frames displayed on the screen. It is maintained today and the name Microsoft Windows is too.

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