Cortana can reread important emails in Outlook

Microsoft has also added new capabilities in integrating Outlook with its Cortana virtual assistant, which enhances the user experience.
According to Neowin, this is the next step after Microsoft deployed Outlook integration with Cortana for a limited group of Windows 10 users, allowing them to ask virtual assistants if they received any new emails and reply to messages. this through the voice.

The new option appears as part of the internal version of Cortana 3.3, allowing it to reread important emails in the inbox for users. Windows Central notes that this feature appears to be ready for public release, although Microsoft has not officially released the date yet.
New features also include some smart capabilities. For example, Cortana’s icon will appear in your inbox to read your email after your mobile device connects to any Bluetooth device, including the speakers and headphones. Users can also see how long Cortana will take to read the message again. Once the playback is complete, the user can reply to the message flagged or deleted.

The report also found that Cortana would not read the entire email; instead, it would select relevant text to read for the user and request graphic content, if any, to be viewed on the screen instead. so
The feature has been tested by Microsoft employees earlier this year on both versions of Outlook for iOS and Android. It will likely be released on mobile devices as well as on Windows PCs in the near future.
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