Computer users are also indifferent to malicious code

Nearly 90 percent of computers pre-installed on the market are infected with malicious code, which makes them startle because of the level of risk and the consequences buyers will face. What should users know when buying a computer?

A report released by Microsoft showed that 84 percent of PCs sold in Asia were pirated software, cracked crack software, and this was the pre-installed cybercriminals portal. Poison and tracker software into the buyer computer, stealing their information. In addition, the user is indifferent to the dreaded risks of having his or her computer infiltrated and manipulated remotely, stealing transaction data.

Most pirated software is infected with malicious code, most commonly a virus that performs malicious activity or downloads additional malicious code to the computer, and a trojan that aids cybercriminals. counting victims from afar.
In addition to the risk of malware infection from cracking software, most users are unaware of a risk from ‘genuine’ software that is vulnerable. Software such as Windows or any other software, extension / plugin is vulnerable to vulnerabilities, and some of the 0-day vulnerabilities denote unpatched software developers. patches, make your computer exposing yourself to network attacks. On November 13, 63 bugs in Windows were patched by Microsoft, but only those users who placed ‘Automatic Updates’ for Windows were safe.
According to the recommendations of Kaspersky security, users need basic knowledge of security when using the computer to use the machine more secure. Regularly read up-to-date news about the dangers of the internet for risk mitigation, prevention by anti-virus software, especially against the danger of malicious code ransomware. the world today.

When using the anti-virus program, you should refer to the level of security and protection. Today’s anti-virus software like Kaspersky Internet Security has more comprehensive protection modules than before. From the prevention of viruses, malicious code penetration through the pirated software.
However, using the program as KIS is not completely safe. Experts recommend users to update the database, or the latest virus signatures, to help identify new types of malware. Enable the alert feature when there is suspicious activity on the computer while surfing the web as an invitation to install a software to watch videos on the website.

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