California Forest Fire: Deaths continue to rise, rain may appear

Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea said two human bodies were found on Monday, bringing the total number of deaths in historic fire in Northern California to 79, more than 1,000 missing people dropped to around 700 people. In Southern California, only two people were killed by forest fires.

Forecasts, California will begin to rain from November 21. The rain could help firefighters extinguish the fire, but also increase the risk of flash floods and make it more difficult for efforts to find the bodies of the dead.

In Northern California, search groups continue to excavate ash and ruins inside and around the town of Paradise, which suffers most from the effects of fire. Mr. Rick Crawford works at

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Services said the search mission was extremely difficult and that there was likely to be no find of missing persons.

US officials are trying to identify the deaths of dozens of people by using rapid DNA testing to give results in just two hours. The system can analyze DNA from fragments of broken bones or other parts of the body, and then compare them to the genetic material provided by the missing persons. However, this technology is dependent on the recipients of the DNA sample. As of Nov. 20, nearly two weeks after the fire broke out, only about 60 people provided DNA samples to laboratories, while scientists needed hundreds of DNA samples.

The National Weather Service has warned of flash floods in the town of Paradise as well as neighboring communities and areas burned in early 2018 in Lake, Shasta, Trinity and Mendocino counties. .

As of November 8, a fire called Camp Fire has burned an area of ​​nearly 616 square miles (Chicago area) and destroyed about 13,000 homes in California. Up to 20 November, the fire has been controlled about 75%.

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