Billions of billion Tesla Model S suddenly exploded in Shanghai

Tesla said the incident did not cause human damage, the company is continuing to investigate and clarify the cause.

Page Channel News Asia reported a Tesla Model S suddenly caught fire and exploded while parked at the parking lot in Shanghai, China.

According to the image recorded by the parking camera system, white smoke suddenly rose from the bonnet of the white Tesla Model S. Then the car exploded and caught fire, ruining the cars around. The incident takes place around 20h April 21.

The video above was posted by a user on Weibo with the “Tesla self-ignites” hashtag. It attracted more than 5 million views and thousands of comments and became a hot topic of the Chinese online community.

“After discovering this incident, we set up an emergency investigation team to arrive at the scene. We are contacting stakeholders to investigate the situation. Currently, the information shows. No damage to people, “Tesla announced on the company’s Weibo account.

The cause is still unclear. According to Channel News Asia , this incident could seriously affect Tesla’s business situation in China, especially in the present time when the company is struggling with sales due to US trade stress – Central

In the US, the price of a Tesla Model S version of 2019 ranges from $ 76,000 to $ 133,000 . 

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