Arnold Schwarzenegger sued the Russian company for creating robots identical to him

Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger muscles known for her role in the series The Terminator ( The Terminator ) has to sue Russian companies taking his famous face to promote a product robot.

Model Robot-C (right) of Promobot has the same face as actor Arnold

The 72-year-old movie star has pursued a $ 10 million lawsuit against Promobot, the company that makes the Robot-C model, a service robot that can be customized to have the same face as the owner or follow. their hobbies.
According to Yahoo News , a Robo-C version with a face similar to Schwarzenegger has appeared at many technology events and according to actor Schwarzenegger, he was also invited to pose with this robot at an event last year. Schwarzenegger’s lawyer is said to have sent a letter asking to stop the abuse of this image to promote Promobot products and compensation.
On the commercial market, Robo-C is priced from 20,000 USD to 50,000 USD depending on the preferences and custom of customers. The manufacturer Promobot claims this robot model can display more than 600 different facial expressions.
Meanwhile, actor Schwarzenegger has re-entered his most famous role as T-800 in the latest installment of last year’s Terminator series titled Dark Fate
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