Apple’s environmental efforts are receiving impressive results

The program will also be available through KPN stores in the Netherlands. With the program, old iPhones will be sent back to Apple for recycling by robot Daisy. The content is provided by the company on its homepage, with the first part for the exchange program and environmental information.

Daisy is Apple’s second generation iPhone recycling robot, after Liam.

Reportedly, Apple announced the first generation iPhone recycling machine, Liam, in March 2016. The second generation version called Daisy was released about 1 year ago by Apple.

According to Apple, the benefits of recycling programs have brought a lot of things, especially in the new MacBook Air and Mac mini. Their shells are made of 100% recycled aluminum without compromising strength or finish. For the company, the most advanced products are those that cause the least environmental impact.

Concerning the iPhone recycling program, Apple says it has received 1 million units, and each Daisy has a removable 1.2 million devices per year. Last year, the company refurbished more than 7.8 million Apple devices and helped reduce more than 48,000 tons of e-waste from landfills.

Daisy is now able to disassemble 15 different iPhone models at 200 speeds per hour, recovering even more important materials for reuse. When the material was recovered from Daisy, they were recycled back to the production process.

For cobalt, which is the main raw material for making batteries, iPhone batteries were recalled by Daisy and helped Apple return them to its supply chain. They are then combined with scrap from selected production sites and for the first time, cobalt is recovered through this process. It is currently being used to create completely new batteries for Apple – a true closed loop for this precious material.

Apple also uses 100% recycled tin in a major component of the main logic board on 11 different products. With 100% recycled aluminum alloy used to produce MacBook Air and Mac mini, Apple has helped reduce nearly half of carbon emissions from previous models. Starting this year, aluminum has recovered through the Apple Trade Print program and has been put into production for the MacBook Air.

Apple has produced many major products from recycled materials.

The company said that its 44 suppliers are now committed to using 100% renewable energy for manufacturing Apple devices. The company also announced participating in the Earth Day program on April 22. On this day, many news and application collections and games on the App Store will focus on the theme of protecting the Earth. Apple also encourages all Apple Watch users to complete any outdoor exercise for 30 minutes or more to receive a Special Earth Day Award and special sticker.

Finally, Apple opened a 9,000-square-meter Material Recovery Laboratory to help develop future recycling processes and support the work of the Nonprofit Conservation Foundation, WATCH Foundation and the Association. Recycling.

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